Saga's Major Update: A Boost to Your AI Text RPG Experience

Apr 30, 2023

Hey there, fellow adventurers!

We’ve been working to bring you Saga's most significant update to date. Get ready to amp up your gaming experience with a slew of new features and improvements.
Let's dive right in and explore what's new!

1. Context Preview Overhaul: Our system prompt has undergone a significant transformation, giving you complete control over negating and modifying it. This means more flexibility and creativity for your gaming sessions.

2. Author's Note Upgrade: We've doubled the size of the Author's Note, giving you extra space to provide context and instructions for your AI companions. More room, more fun!

3. Enhanced Character and World Prompt Assists: We've slightly increased the character limit for both character and world prompt assists to give you more room to express your thoughts and ideas.

4. Introducing the Conversation Item Manager: Messages now come with more metadata, allowing for granular control over your interactions. Edit gists and text with ease using the new convenient UI. As a reminder, Saga doesn't store any of your messages!

5. Message Versions Switching: All edited message versions can now be switched on the fly, right in the conversation. This feature is available per message or in the Context Inspector, providing seamless transitions between different versions of your messages.

6. Opt-out Gists Toggle: Customize your experience by toggling Gist generation and Gist precedence over messages. This can be done account-wide, per Saga, or per conversation item.

7. Faster Response Times: We've optimized our system to provide quicker response times, making your gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.

As we roll out these new features, Saga will do its best to migrate your old storage to the new format. However, if you encounter any issues, you might need to manually migrate your storage to ensure a seamless transition.

We're thrilled to bring you these enhancements and can't wait to see you immerse yourself in the ever-growing world of Saga, the AI text RPG that combines nostalgia with modernity. Whether you're chatting, sparring, adventuring, or hanging out with characters from different realms, Saga is here to make your text RPG experience unforgettable. So, gear up and let your imagination run wild!

Happy adventuring! 💛

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