Saga Update: Maximizing Freedom and Accessibility for Text RPG Fans and AI Enthusiasts

Apr 28, 2023

Hey there, fellow adventurers!

We've got some exciting news for you. Based on your valuable feedback, we're taking a big leap towards offering players the ultimate experience in freedom and customization while keeping things accessible for casual adventurers and interesting for AI enthusiasts.

Introducing Exposed Model Preferences: We're now exposing all supported models, which means you can set your preferred model for your Saga, either account-wide or individually.
Want to make things a little wilder? Tweak the properties of any supported model, you can also save them as Model Presets.

Toggle Contextual Actions: Choose whether you want Saga to generate and suggest actions based on the most recent events in your story. You can enable or disable this feature account-wide or for each Saga you create, giving you complete control over your interactive experience.

Character Limit for World and Character Forms: We've made it easier for you to know if you're staying within the character limit when creating a setting for your next Saga. No more guessing games or frustration – you'll see exactly when you're under or over the limit.

We're working on more awesome features and improvements to enhance your Saga experience. Stay tuned for updates in the coming days, as we'll be sharing all the exciting details with you.

Happy adventuring! 💛

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